Deeply rooted in passion

My passion for hair didn’t start yesterday or just last week -- for over 30 years, I’ve worked with professionals and communities in different parts of the world, while teaching the art of hair extensions and seeking ways to make the beauty of hair more convenient and affordable. Not only is convenience and affordability important to me, but so is ethical-sourcing. I believe that passion in hair shouldn’t be shallow, but deeply rooted into its foundations.

Keep Your Real-ationship

When you walk into the salon, you want to make sure that you walk out of there with 100% or even more-so, 110% satisfaction. As a salon business owner and a professional, two things you wouldn’t want to lose is your relationship with your clientele and your image as a professional cosmetician. Hair extensions bring a new and modern light into the salon experience, but additionally with convenience and affordability in-mind, we can make it work even better. That’s my ambition to you and your clientele.

Fuller Hair, Fuller Satisfaction

My ideology with hair is fuller hair, fuller satisfaction. That’s why my favorite product from Joi Hair is the Joi Clip-Ins, specifically the 220 grams. It is certainly difficult to fulfill immediate hair volume, with ease, in a short amount of time. This clip-in is not only convenient, but it also brings life into your hair, without a doubt, making you look fuller and healthier! It is certainly my favorite product to use on clients who desire instant volume and satisfaction.

Not just for beauty and business…

Hair extensions are not solely for changing up everyday looks, but also for those who have hair loss issues. Hair loss in women is a common problem, even in young women in their 20s to 40s, which is a devastating fear. Alopecia Areata (AA) is a more prevalent diagnosis in this age group, commonly located on the occipital scalp, or simply the back of the head. AA treatment, such as kenalog injections, can take months and most hair clip-ins are heavy and cause even more issues that add onto AA [courtesy of Fricke and Miteva].
And so my solution is simple: make the hair extensions more lightweight and easier to apply and detach. That way there’s definitely room for beauty for everyone.

My discovery over the years

Over the years, I have noticed that there’s a fine line between cosmetics and hair, and that’s the application time. Hair takes a lot longer to grow and maintain to achieve such fullness and beauty, whereas make-up is almost as instant. So I thought, why not make hair just as instant? And so with you in-mind, I just made hairstyling that much easier so that you can pull off your favorite outfit for any day. 


Ryan Tokko, Owner & CEO