+ How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

How long your clip-in extensions last truly depends on how many times you wear and wash your set. Here is our handy-dandy chart of how long sets last on average:

Daily Wear *(5-7 wears a week): 6 months

Weekend (2-4 wears a week): 1 year

Occasional (1 wear a week)*: 1.5 years


Only wash clip-ins when necessary. For example, when there is product or dirt build up or sweat.

Use a hair mask after every wash.

Minimize rough styling but brushing gently from the bottom to top and reducing heat styling by opting for heatless alternatives.

+ How long does my hair have to be to blend well with clip-in hair extensions?

We suggest shoulder length hair or hair between 10-12 inches for the ideal blend. For shorter hair, we recommend the 220 gram set as a little more work and heat styling may be needed to create a better blend. As a general rule of thumb, the last layer of your hair should be at least half of the length of the set you will be wearing.

+ What does remy human hair mean?

On the surface of each individual hair strand are microscopic hooks called cuticles. Remy human hair ensures that 100% of the cuticles go in the same direction, avoiding tangles.

+ Can I dye my extensions?

If your hair is an unnatural color or you just want to add more, we highly suggest you choose our Platinum set as it will take color well without changing the overall hue. Avoid using permanent dyes as it can stain and damage your clip-in hair extensions and opt for semi-permanent dye instead.

+ What temperature is safe to heat style my hair?

When heat styling your hair, it's important to be mindful of both your natural hair and clip-ins. If you have fine hair, try not to go above 300 degrees, if your hair is thicker, then there's more room to play with heat but the general safe-zone is between 275 and 350 degrees.

+ Will balayage and ombre work for short hair?

We suggest shoulder length hair or hair between 10-12 inches for the ideal blend. For shorter hair, we recommend the 220 gram set as a little more work and heat styling may be needed to create a better blend. As a general rule of thumb, the last layer of your hair should be at least half of the length of the set you will be wearing.

+ What's the difference between balayage and ombre?

The ombre and balayage techniques are similar. They both don a darker root paired with light ends. The main difference is the color distribution. For two-color ombres the transition point begins halfway down the length of the hair. Joi Hair transitions look natural and seamless, never looking dip-dyed. While balayage is a mix between rooted and ombre hair. The transition is not only from dark to light, but also includes highlights that give the appearance of higher transitions radiating a sun-kissed look.

+ I have multiple colors in my hair, which set is right for me?

There are actually a few options for you. You can:

  • Check and see if we have the highlights you need in our colors.

  • Choose lightest color and match to that color, imitating a balayage coloring.

  • Choose lightest and darkest colors and purchase sets that match those colors.

+ Do I need an ombre to get an ombre set of clip-ins?

No. Getting ombre clip-in extensions is a great way to add dimension to your look.

+ How do I choose between the 120 gram, 160 gram or 220 gram sets?

Use our Ponytail Test:

  1. Put your hair into a ponytail.

  2. With your thumb and index finger, create the "okay" symbol tightly around the base of your ponytail.

  3. Keeping your thumb and index finger in the same position, pull your ponytail through your fingers and take a look at the placement of your index finger

+ Can I sleep in my clip-ins?

No. Remember to take clip-in hair extensions out before going to bed as sleeping in them can cause tangles, discomfort and potential damage to your hair.

+ Can I swim in my clip-ins?

No, the chemicals used to clean pool water can change hair quality and color while ocean water is full of minerals that can get caught in the clip-ins and cause irreparable damage.

+ Can I wash ponytail/bangs? Do I need to wash them?

Yes, you can absolutely wash your ponytail and bangs. Avoid washing them frequently as overwashing may strip the hair of its natural oils. Wash when there is noticable dirt or product build up.

+ Will dry shampoo help my set last longer?

Dry shampoo is meant to absorb the dirt and oils on your hair to create a cleaner look. Since hair extensions are not able to regenerate natural oils, dry shampoo will strip the hair of the nourishment it needs, drastically shortening its lifespan.

+ Are there any products I should avoid using on my clip-in set?

Steer clear of products that contain harsh ingredients like alcohol, sulfates and parabens. Avoid excessive oils like Argan or Moroccan Oils as they can loosen threads that keep the wefts in tact.

+ How does the Halo set stay on?

The wire of the Halo set will rest approximately 3 inches behind your hairline. After pulling your hair through, the back of the Halo set will rest below your occipital bone for a comfortable, close fit that feels customized to your head. After pulling your hair out and over the wire, the pressure of your hair will ensure your set stays in place.

+ What is the difference between the 7 piece and 10 piece sets?

The Joi Full 7-piece clip-in set is meant for customers with fine/thin hair that are looking for a natural-looking volume and length boost, while the 10-piece Joi Fuller and Joi Fullest clip-in sets are meant for customers spanning from medium to thick hair.

+ What is the difference between human and synthetic hair?

The differences are quite noticable. Synthetic hair does not last very long or blend well with natural hair. It is not safe for heat styling and cannot be color treated. Joi Hair only handles the highest quality human hair to ensure long-lasting, silky hair that blends in and can be styled as your own.

+ Will my clip-in hair extension set tangle or shed?

Shedding in clip-in hair extensions is as normal as shedding in our natural hair. The most shedding will occur during the first brush through and will reduce over time. Just like our natural hair, clip-in hair extensions can tangle but to combat these issues, we suggest brushing before and after every use with a wide paddle brush as well as handling proper storage.

+ How should I store my clip-in hair extensions?

The Joi Hair box is designed to be the perfect place to store your clip-in hair extension set to ensure that it stays safe from environmental stressors such as dust, sunlight, and humidity. An air-tight plastic container is a successful alternative.

+ Can I bleach my clip-in hair extensions?

While Joi Hair extensions can be dyed, we do not suggest bleaching any of our products as it will cause irreversible damage to your set. If you would like to create your own custom color with hair dye, we recommend choosing our Platinum set as it will take the color the best.

+ Can I wear my clip-in hair extensions in any weather?

Yes, but precautions need to be taken in extreme or harsh cases. To protect your hair from sun damage during hot summers, protect your hair with a hat or bandana. During cold winter months, swap out your typical conditioner for a deep conditioner to bring back a little more moisture.

+ Is Joi Hair hypoallergenic?

Joi Hair products are considered hypoallergenic as we do not use processes, ingredients or components that can cause allergy. However, we suggest testing the hair without dismantling the wefts against your hair and skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction.

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